Art - First Concepts

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the first entry on our brand new development blog about our newest Project. We want to start off, introducing you to our first level and it’s creation. Have a seat and enjoy this very first insight into the creation of our game „Into the Belly of the Beast“.

Here you see one of the very first concepts of our level 1, part 1. No textures, no filters, just a plain level where we could start playing around with the viscosity and also get a first feeling of how it works. I can already tell you that the topic „Viscosity“ is going to be a special one.

Time passed and we took the next step: A more specific design for our level, which means:

⇛ Adding Colours, Objects and also a first showcase of interactive elements

All of this compared with alot of hard work led us to our first finished level-design. Later we had to completely redesign it due to it’s complexity (... and because we changed our mind about the appearance of an organic structure).

Next week we’ll start to introduce you to the main character of the game. Showing you his journey from the plotting board to the finished 3D Model.


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