A small in-development review of the level design of Into the Belly of the Beast: In addition, we increased the dark-bright and the colour-in-itself contrast. Due to the 3D-depth it was even more important to bring out the spaces the player is able to swim in.After getting to this consense we were at that point where you’re getting so used to your game, that it get’s complicated to judge it yourself objectively.And, after a second play session and some new levels, we’re proud to say that no one got stuck anymore.
This week’s devblog is about a new mechanic we implemented into the game. It’s a new type of viscosity that can be found in certain areas. We call it „Jelly-thingy“. The new viscosity behaves similar to oily/sticky viscosities.The best thing about our new „Jelly-thingy“ is that we can change the parameters and make it more or even less sticky. The wobble-effect of the „Jelly-thingy“ can also be changed.
This week we worked on new enemies which is why we want to show you a new enemy-type called, „Pufferfish“.   The mechanics of this enemytype are pretty easy to explain. As soon as the player get’s into line of sight, the „Pufferfish“ will inflate itself and start charging to the position where the player was when the charge was started.Coding related there was not so much to do, since we already had the primary systems like „finding an enemy in sight“ and the „follow the waypoint if there is no enemy in sight system“.As already mentioned, there are different DNA-entities of the „Pufferfish“, each one with it’s own special abilities. Other DNA-entities of the „Pufferfish“ may react in a totally different way when they see the player.  
This week we added a new special puzzle-element, we call it: „Weighted Ball“. It comes in four different sizes: small, medium, big and huge. The mass of each ball scales with it’s size. To be able to move the weighted ball we did expand the abilities of the player. You can now grab it and move it around but while doing so, you wont be able to attack.More mechanics will be implemented and you guy’s will be the first getting all the new information. Thanks for reading our blog, see you next week!  
The next element we are going to implement is an important step to create a more diverse and unique feeling while playing our game. To make the player perceive the environment as organic and high flexible we need even more elements that behave like an organism would do. The player has to push away the „Jiggly things“ to be able to move on. As explained above, the „Jiggly things“ were not made to enhance the difficulty which is why it is not hard to pass them. It’s about bringing life into our levels.The rest is some simple Physics-Controlling-Magic. We gave the „Jiggly things“ a magnetic field that does bring them back to their original position everytime the player passes them. See you next week with more brand new stuff, stay tuned!
Hello there,   in our third devblog we want to present you one of our puzzle elements and most important one of the problems we had while coding it and it’s solution. New Puzzle-Element: Electro-Rotator Spoiler (Click to toggle) Spoiler (Click to toggle)   The result of using „RayCast“ was awesome. Everything works as planned before, we are happy! :)    
As promised last week we proudly present you our Hero: Sploosh More Artworks will be added soon. You can see this content as something like a teaser. We appreciate all the support and hope that you guys enjoy this very first sneak peek!  
Welcome to the first entry on our brand new development blog about our newest Project. We want to start off, introducing you to our first level and it’s creation. Have a seat and enjoy this very first insight into the creation of our game „Into the Belly of the Beast“. Here you see one of the very first concepts of our level 1, part 1. No textures, no filters, just a plain level where we could start playing around with the viscosity and also get a first feeling of how it works.Time passed and we took the next step: A more specific design for our level, which means: ⇛ Adding Colours, Objects and also a first showcase of interactive elements All of this compared with alot of hard work led us to our first finished level-design. Later we had to completely redesign it due to it’s complexity (... and because we changed our mind about the appearance of an organic structure). Next week we’ll start to introduce you to the main character of the game. Showing you his journey from the plotting board to the finished 3D Model.