Into the belly of the beast

My story

„It feels like it happened yesterday. Me and my kids went for a swimming, spending some time together and just having a great time. The sun was shining, the water was at the perfect temperature, nothing to worry about ... I almost forgot to mention that I am a worm! Not a human being, not a dog nor a cat, just a modest worm taking a swim with my children.
You think this is insane? Better wait for what happened next. "

The kidnapping

"We were floating around thinking about no evil when one thing led to another. A giant and enormously hideous creature appeared from them bottom of the sea. My kids got devoured and kidnapped. Somehow I managed to trace the monster and find a way into it’s body. I’d really like to skip the details. I am on a mission, that is all you have to know. 

My kids need to be rescued, will you help me?!“ 

- Worm

The Game

In „Into the Belly of the Beast“ you are the last hope of Sploosh. A lovely worm who needs to rescue his kidnapped children. Manage your way through a series of beautifully designed levels that take place inside the body of a giant sea monster. Meet all kinds of enemies and master techniques to fool them. Solve a variety of riddles to reach new sections. Face frightening bosses and beat them in thrilling fights.

You are wondering how to be succesful on such a dangerous journey? You can make use of the entire environment! There will be different kinds of bacteria inside the body of the sea monster. Eat them and form a symbiotic relationship with your surroundings.

Your hard work will pay off. Become the mightiest worm that our universe has ever brought out!