Lab Squab

Lab Squab is out now!

The Game

Accompany our lovely Pidgeon "Scab" on his journey in a world full of dangers and mysteries. Drag and snap the lines, evade incoming enemies and try to get as far as you can while escaping from the most evil villain the earth has ever seen: Professor Pegon

Enjoy the diversity of more than 7 artfully crafted backgrounds while being in a randomly generated world. Atmosperic music and sounds complete the whole show. Unique physics and gameplay mechanics – snap and drag the electricity lines to find your way through each level. 
Challenge your friends in multiplayer mode with up to 4 Players. Earn Coins and upgrade Scab, to achieve his full potential and compare yourself with your friends via Gamcenter Scoreboards. No devious trap is going to stop you! 

We dare you not to die!


For a big research facility with dozens or even hundreds of laboratory animals the loss of a single bird is not that big of a deal. For Prof. Dr. Louis P. Pegon, being a freelancer scientist and working in his own little lab, the loss of his pidgeon „Scab“ means a big calamity to him.  Prof. Pegon was working for years on his biggest project: creating a new breed of pidgeons, which have a phosphorescent plumage. Right before he could present the living proof of his success to the public, the youngest offspring in a long line of ancestors, „Scab“, dissapeared.

Prof. Pegon’s biggest endeavour is to find „Scab“ as fast as possible, so he can bring him back to the lab and continue his series of dangerous experiments.