Code - Movement

As promised last week we proudly present you our Hero: Sploosh

More Artworks will be added soon. You can see this content as something like a teaser. We appreciate all the support and hope that you guys enjoy this very first sneak peek!



The video shows our hero moving through an unknown liquid. The viscosity settings are working out pretty well. 
The Movement animation of Sploosh was a tough task. It should not be forgotten that Sploosh is not flying around nor crawling. He is swimming through high-viscosity levels that have an immense impact on his motion sequences. If he goes for a full brake he cannot stop immediatly. That would not be consistent at all. Same goes for curves. The centrifugal forces will always pull him out of his initial path. Finding a way of designing his movements as realistic as possible sounds easier as it actually is.

Having found a solution to this problem feels great!




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