Jiggly, bouncy bits

The next element we are going to implement is an important step to create a more diverse and unique feeling while playing our game.

To make the player perceive the environment as organic and high flexible we need even more elements that behave like an organism would do.


„Jiggly things“:

The player has to push away the „Jiggly things“ to be able to move on.

As explained above, the „Jiggly things“ were not made to enhance the difficulty which is why it is not hard to pass them. It’s about bringing life into our levels.


The animation of the „Jiggly things“ were made with the Physics engine.

The model we used was in the first place designed as a bone model. We changed it’s appearance a bit and connected 4 „Jiggly things“ to make them work well together.

The rest is some simple Physics-Controlling-Magic. We gave the „Jiggly things“ a magnetic field that does bring them back to their original position everytime the player passes them.

See you next week with more brand new stuff, stay tuned!


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